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The Ultrapop Press

Top 9 Princess Worthy Travel Destinations

Wanna travel like royalty? We’ve compiled our favorites places all around the world that fit your fairytale lifestyle. So, update that passport and pack your best ruby slippers!

1) Madonna Inn (San Luis Obispo, CA)

Photo: @madonnainn1958

Feel like a hot-pink Barbie when you stay at the Madonna Inn! This boutique hotel features decadent restaurants, cafes, one-of-a-kind room interiors, like the Carin (pictured), a spa fit for queens, and even play tennis on magenta courts. This place is perfect for a girl’s getaway or if you’re tying the knot!

2) Hearst Castle, (San Simeon, CA)

Photo: @kuza.chris

Feel like a Grecian goddess when you explore the many ornate rooms of Hearst Castle. This historic San Simeon estate is where William Randolph Hearst spent the last years of his life. Tour the grounds, kitchens, grand rooms and the famous Neptune Pool, where Lady Gaga filmed her video “G.U.Y.”Stay nearby in a bed and breakfast or cottage.

3) Neuschwanstein Castle (Fussen, Bavaria, Germany)

Photo: @best_worldplaces

Feel like Rapunzel gazing from a tower in this picturesque castle. Nestled on a forested hilltop in Bavarian Germany stands the “Sleeping Beauty Castle” or Neuschwanstein Castle. Built solely for King Ludwig II, the castle now is the most visited monument in Germany. Though you cannot stay at the castle, there are plenty of accommodations in nearby Fussen or Munich.

4) Vielle Ville (Nice, France)

Photo: @sallykdavis

Vielle Ville translates to “Old Town” which is situated in the seaside south of France of Nice. Walk through cornhusk colored buildings, cobblestone streets all the while humming a tune… like Belle. She would be seen strolling these village streets to her local boulangerie just like the opening of Beauty and the Beast.

5) Three Wishes Fairy Festival (Cornwall, England)

Photo: @thefairytaletraveler

Transport yourself into a fairytale when you attend this Cornish small town festival all committed to celebrating fairies. Make magic wands, dress up each day, yes even your pet can be a fairy! The best part is that you can camp, or glamp like a Hobbit in little homes from the Shire or a trailer caravan. Maybe you’ll meet the likes of Flora, Fauna and Merryweather while your there.

6) Winter in Oslo (Norway)

“Oslo Winter” photo: @jusasil

Feel a bit like Elsa & Anna from Frozen when you visit this Nordic capital in the fall or winter. Despite it being a pricey travel destination, offseason offers much to see at half price. Plus, all the winter outdoor activities! Ski, sled, walk the winter farmer’s markets, or boutique shops in the Frogner neighborhood. Stay at the Hotel Christiania Teater for Scandinavian royal treatment.

7) Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island (The Bahamas)

Photo: @irisrocio

Enjoy one of the dreamiest Caribbean Sea sides on Paradise Island, where the colossal Atlantis Resort situates. This is for all you little mermaids out there that want to bask on the beach or slide the underwater tunnel plunge with some sharks! Atlantis has the largest open-air marine habitat, pools and miles of beaches.

8) Harajuku District, Shibuya (Tokyo, Japan)

Photo: @lobech

Are you a Lolita or a Sailor Senshi? If you’re looking to be at the epicenter of Japanese fashion, Shibuya, home to the busiest crosswalks in the world, is your district. Channel Serena (Usagi) from Sailor Moon and indulge in cute sweet treats from Chibiusa Café, shop at kawaii mecca Takenako or take a lesson in Lolita fashion at Milk.

9) Desert Escape at The Saguaro (Palm Springs, CA)

Photo: @thesaguarops

Annnnnnd, we’ve circled back to the California desert between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. For all you candy-colored desert gypsies, this is the spot. If you’re leisurely passing through the Mojave Desert, stop by this easy to spot rainbow destination known as The Saguaro. This place is poppin’ at the height of summer festival season, with weekend pool parties and bachelorettes alike.

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