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The Ultrapop Press


Welcome to Ultrapop, bb! We're SO glad you found us; we think this could be the start of something amazing. 😉 U need cool stuff that you can't find in stores, and we got you babe. It's a match! If this was Bumble, we'd be swiping right all over you cuz we think you're just magical n gorgeous...

Oh so you wanna know more about us?! Okay we'll stop gushing all over you for a bit & compose ourselves. We formed in late 2017 in response to the changing times in online (and in-store) shopping. Yes, times they are a-changin', and some of the brands we used to love n trust have been dropping like flies (or acquired by mega-corporations).

But while Ultrapop is a new baby unicorn on the scene, the team behind it are no strangers to the industry. So we thought, why don't we give this thing a go & bring all the ridiculously cute stuff that we've been searching high and low for to our friends all around the world? And why don't we make it easy for all our international babes, with free shipping all around?! So BOOM! Ultrapop was born out of a love for color, expression, sexuality, cuteness, and joy. Obviously it's super fun to express urself visually - after all, clothing is wearable art! Embody yourself and never apologize for who you are. Love your true self and that true self will thank you & come alive. Oh, and f*ck ANYONE that tries to rain on your parade or dull your shine! If they do, know that Ultrapop has your back and we just won't stand for it. 😉

So Much Love, Ultrapop

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